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Should you tip your housekeeping services provider/cleaner or commercial cleaning/janitorial services provider?

Disinfecting For You, Inc.'s cleaning company of Northern Kentucky employees ARE allowed to ACCEPT TIPS and any essentials you want to GIVE them.

Tipping is suggested for good work from your service provider but it is at your discretion. Our employees enjoy feedback and what better way to give thanks to a TEAM PLAYER for their hard work. Sharing a small tip as your way of saying THANK YOU.

It's customary to tip a food server 15-20%, the average cleaner tip is 10-15%. The small tip could go a long way for the morale of your TEAM PLAYER. There's no better way to say thank you for their hard work and your appreciation.

Disinfecting For You, Inc.'s cleaning company of Northern Kentucky loves nothing more than getting a THANK YOU from the clients they serve with cleaning services. Your kind thoughts will help improve their lives.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give! 

----Winston Churchill